Saturday, September 19, 2009

Together We's coming!

Ok, so here's a brief update on what I'm currently working on:

Tuesday afternoon, September 22th that is, there will be an exhibition we (the CreaTe-team) organized, called "Together We Create".
Many awesomely fun things concerning Creative Technology will be presented!
The spectacle will take place in a new lab Twente University built for us - and some others - to experiment (or to "do research" as Some Species Of Intellectuals prefer to call it) in, called the SmartXP-lab.
It's an interesting space.

This is the floor plan as posted by Hylke van Dijk back in January '08.
It's obviously a tad outdated, but kind of shows how the lab was intended to be.
Smart eXperience lab - January '08
Click for proper sized image

These are some of the things that visitors will be able to see and/or interact in:
- a "walking fridge": a fridge that walks around, stops and makes noises when something is in its way, with beverages inside and on top.
- pong on bikes: that's what it is! Two bikes will be used as controllers for this famous 2-player game.
- RFID shirts will show information about participants in the Creative Technology course!
- Multitouch table featuring videos and pictures concerning Creative Technology. THIS IS THE PROJECT I'VE BEEN WORKING ON!
- "So You Think You Can Tetris": tetris on a dance-mat!

I bet you're curious now! am I!

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